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SHUMA Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Feature :


SHUMA  Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker are made of High Quality Food-Grade Stainless Steel, It Features fine corrossion resistance, high intensity, long serviceable life.

The 1600 tons of impact sandwich bottom make the cooker spread heat evently and cause no scorch to the food inside. The overall streamline design of the cooker makes it  elegant in the apearance and energy-saving in use.

The handle is made of high quality bakelite by means of injection, it features good heat resistance and high intensity.

Seal ring is made of inported silica gel with good tightness and long serviceable life.

Ther's a safety vent on the lid, ensuring the automatic pressure relief when pressure is over limit.

With the Self-Cleaning and Block-Proof device of the pressure limitvalve, it'll be safer and cleaner.

Covering and uncovering smoothly and safely.

Come with a stainless steel strainer and instruction manual book.


Specification :

Item Code                          : SSHSPC2040, SSHSPC2250, SSHSPC2460, SSHSPC2680.

Available                            : 20 cm 4.0 L, 22 cm 5.0 L, 24 cm 6.0 L, 26 cm 8.0 L

Made of                              : High Quality food-grade Stainless Steel

Included extra spares   : 1 pc main silicon ring, 1 pc silicon for alarm valve,

                                                 1 pc silicon safety valve, 1 cleaning needle.




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